On graduating, investing, and moving to Miami with Assure Syndicates

Vlad Cazacu in front of the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin

If you were to tell me five years ago when I first stepped into the United States that I will soon have lived in four different cities, earned three degrees from top universities, started two businesses, published a book, and began my career as a venture capitalist, I would’ve probably called you crazy.

As I am writing this piece from a co-working space in Wynwood, a hip neighborhood of Miami, FL, after just having sipped my morning Cafecito, it is hard to reflect on how this journey unfolded. A journey that took me from Bucharest, Romania to Rochester, NY to New York City to Austin, TX, and now to seeing palm trees out my window.

After earning my Masters of Professional Accounting at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, I hopped in a 12-foot truck and started driving East. A few days later, I was unloading boxes into my new apartment, ready to begin this next chapter of my journey.

Palm trees outside a co-working space in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, FL

Now, I am very excited to announce that I will be joining the Assure Syndicates division of Assure, as a Co-Pilot of the Southeast Region, leading the expansion of the firm into Florida. Here in Miami, I will be helping angel investors and family offices get access to high quality deals alongside institutional VCs, enabling new syndicators, investing in great founders, and helping them organize their cap tables using SPVs.

I am thrilled to work alongside Landon and Mychal, who have been making great progress towards democratizing access to private investments for individual angels and helping founders consolidate their investors and navigate the fundraising process. I am inspired by their work and dedicated to supercharge Assure’s efforts to bridge the gap between angel investors and founders and educate folks along the way.

I have been passionate about the venture space for as long as I can remember and the years that passed allowed me to wear many hats in this community. This new role is the next logical step in my career, allowing me to focus on enabling previously underrepresented investors and founders to connect and increase the diversity of the venture space. As a young international person in the United States, I have witnessed first hand the struggles of the immigrant community and am dedicated to helping international folks, first and second generation Americans invest in great startups and receive funding from impactful investors. I am equally passionate about helping first time founders, investors, and syndicators get started and be the helping hand they need at the beginning of the road.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hearing more, please send me a message and let’s connect. I am genuinely here to help!

Assure Syndicates is part of Assure, the industry leader of SPV structuring in the United States

About Assure

Assure is the foremost industry leader in structuring Special Purpose Vehicles and the most experienced end-to-end administrator of what many angel investors and deal organizers call the fast, affordable SPV. Assure plays a key role in the democratization of private investing. Since our founding in 2012, we have closed over 6,200+ SPVs managing over $6.6 billion.

About Assure Syndicates

Assure Syndicates is still a fairly new entity helping individual investors access high quality deals alongside institutional VCs. Having only launched officially a year ago, we are moving fast and have executed 20+ deals so far. As we look to scale our impact, we want to grow our network of investors, syndicators, and founders.

Whether you’re a seasoned angel investor, an ecosystem builder interested in launching your own syndicate, or someone who wants to invest in startups, but has no idea where to start, I invite you to connect and join our ecosystem. If you’re a founder who wants to jumpstart your fundraising process or consolidate your investors using an SPV, reach out to pitch us.



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Vlad Cazacu

Vlad Cazacu

Investor @ Fuel Venture Capital, Co-Founder & CEO @ Flowlie Technologies, Author, and Community Builder.