A new chapter for Flowlie: Announcing our public launch and round of funding

Vlad Cazacu
4 min readJun 6, 2023
Flowlie’s landing page at the time of the public launch

Two and a half years ago, a group of individuals grew increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of data in the private markets and the complex and inefficient processes that resulted from that. They set their minds on a very big goal: to become the de facto data platform for alternative investments. By de-siloing information and augmenting workflows with AI, we sought to usher the industry into a new age of data-driven investing and fundraising with collaboration and collective insights at the core. All of this, without compromising privacy and proprietary dealflow.

It couldn’t be a marketplace or a broker-dealer, but it had to incentivize investors and founders to share the most accurate information with one another. A new paradigm had to be created in which systems communicated with each other without exposing any delicate information but still allowing for easy sharing — An ecosystem of apps that could generate an unparalleled level of intelligence about what is happening in the private markets, bringing together the data the industry so desperately needs to leverage to benefit from all the advancements in AI/ML everyone is speaking about.

This problem captivated the minds of our group. Building on our collective experience as investors, founders, engineers, data scientists, consultants, and revenue leaders at companies around the country, we realized we were the right people to solve it. And so Flowlie was born!

Hundreds of customer discovery interviews later and with the experience of a Closed Beta that saw our product grow organically to thousands of users across 50+ countries, we decided to make this our full-time job. Supported by an incredible group of business angels and family offices, we raised a round of funding, set up a whiteboard and a few monitors in a small office in Brickell, and embarked on the customary capitalistic pilgrimage once again: start a tech business and change the world.

With time, we’ve codified our beliefs into this open manifesto and iterated on new features with design partners and a vocal user base. Today, we are launching once again, but this time publicly so that more people can benefit from our products. The best part? For a limited time, our PRO accounts are still free to use.

For Founders

Flowlie is a fundraising automation platform used by thousands of founders around the world to share their deck, company information & fundraising details with investors. Think of us as a Docsend/BriefLink x Investor Database x Network Analyzer, purpose-built for startups.

We enable founders to share all their details with a single link & then track investor engagement on their profile & deck. We also provide comprehensive information on investors’ preferences & theses which founders seem to like, A LOT:

Having all the data in one place and being able to update it regularly without sending any additional emails to investors is just so useful. Especially for founders who have very little time, the ability to easily share the deck and keep track of all the engagement analytics on top of the rich investor profiles and fit ranking is a true productivity booster. — Sam Hornsby (ERIC)

Flowlie allowed us to get more information about investors than any other tool we tried. Since investors have a dedicated page, we see not only their engagement with our deck but also their thesis and degree of fit. This proved extremely valuable throughout our fundraising saving us time and allowing us to focus on the best ones. — Carlos Del Carpio (Valia)

Leveraging our unique dataset and our team’s expertise in LLMs & NLP, we are launching new features in the coming months such as auto-compose of personalized cold outreach as well as analysis of FAQs & common objections, with recommendations on actions, narratives & data to overcome them.

For Investors

Flowlie is a deal screening & network management platform that helps venture capital investors leverage the right data to augment & automate their investment processes.

We streamline top-of-funnel screening by ingesting deals, labeling every data point, and filtering them based on the respective investors’ preferences & thesis. We also enable investors to share deals with the best-fit investors in their network with one click. Think of us as a personalized assistant that documents interactions with founders and co-investors and helps investors run an efficient process with next-level analytics.

We have signed several Tier 1 investors as design partners and are excited about what the future has in stock for us. What we know for sure is that we are in the midst of an unprecedented technological shift and every industry will be disrupted. We’re here to help you through it all.

Data-driven investing and fundraising are the future. If you are not willing to be left behind, we invite you to join Flowlie today by signing up on our website. Feedback is encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated. You can always reach us at support@flowlie.com.



Vlad Cazacu

Co-founder & CEO @Flowlie, Ex-VC and Author of “When They Win, You Win”