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It all started on Twitter…

Almost a week ago, I stumbled across Boris Mann’s question about accreditation to Elizabeth Yin’s tweet regarding $1k checks. This is NOT an article about check sizes, which has been a heated topic on Twitter lately!

Looking at the conversation that continued, I realized…

Vlad Cazacu in front of the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin

If you were to tell me five years ago when I first stepped into the United States that I will soon have lived in four different cities, earned three degrees from top universities, started two businesses, published a book, and began my career as a venture capitalist, I would’ve probably…

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

A founder that did not talk with any potential customer is not a founder, but is a dreamer.

Lots of people believe they have a great idea, without putting any effort into even researching whether or not it has been done before. There should be no attention paid to those…

When They Win, You Win by Vlad Cazacu, book cover

Quick, when was the last time you visited a Blockbuster to rent a movie?

Unless you live in Bend, Oregon — home to the last Blockbuster on the planet — the answer is probably too long ago for you to remember.

Most of us probably know the story. Blockbuster…

Michelle Akhidenor. Photo source: Facebook

Last month, a new connection request appeared on my LinkedIn from an Australian girl, graduate of Monash University ’17 with her tagline saying “Founder | Podcast Host | Mass Connector”. After a short review of her profile and her website I sent her a message saying I would like to…

Vlad Cazacu

Early Stage Investor @ Assure Syndicates, Author, Founder and Community Builder.

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